Honda Vision XS-1 Concept

Honda Vision XS-1 Concept

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Everyone was completely amazed when Honda pulled covers off the XS-1 concept. The concept basically represents a pretty cool version of the Honda Fit, featuring a lift kit and one of the hottest wheels you’ve ever seen. The concept has compact exterior footprint. Honda’s main goal was to produce one of the most maneuverable models of all time, and once they turn the concept into reality (if they turn it into reality), the production version will be really easy to maneuver especially in crowded cities. The Honda Vision XS-1 Concept is not only maneuverable; it is also capable model due to its increased height that gives it SUV look. Let’s check more details about the XS-1.

Honda Vision XS-1 Concept Side View 1

Exterior of Honda Vision XS-1

The carmaker has graced the world once it revealed its XS-1 Concept. At the very first sight, there are no many things that set the XS-1 apart from other models in Honda’s lineup or other vehicles in business, but take some time and do closer inspection- you will be amazed. The carmaker added several interesting details which might not be easily noticeable, but surely make the XS-1 pretty interesting. With its doors being closed, the XS-1 looks just like any other regular model, but once its doors are open, the secret is revealed. The concept has got only two doors. Yep, but the doors are double length and open on sliders. The one-piece doors give the vehicle a rather interesting look but they are also pretty functional. It will be pretty easy to get in and out since the doors stretch from wheel to wheel.

Honda Vision XS-1 Concept Exterior

Honda Vision XS-1 Interior

Since the XS-1 is still in its concept phase, not many details about features, materials, and design have been revealed. At this point, we know that its cabin will be equipped with stylish bucket seats wrapped in high quality materials. To brighten things up inside of the cabin, the carmaker will add a lot of bronze-colored accents. The seats will be foldable in case you need more cargo space. Once you fold the seats down, you can cover them in hard material and turn the back of the car into a great carrier.

Honda Vision XS-1 Concept Interior

Will the XS-1 Concept be turned into reality?

Even though the carmaker announced that there was no mass-production plan for the concept, we sincerely hope that we will soon see the SUV, based on the XS-1 concept on roads. On several occasions, the carmaker said that it was working on a crossover based on the Fit, and we were quite sure that they were talking about the Honda Vision XS-1 concept, or actually the production version of the concept. If it does hit the market after all, we believe that it will have neither the double-length doors nor the large wheels, but it will have the same shape and some details like the headlamps and taillights. We are sure that most of you would enjoy having extra large doors and the forward-thinking and futuristic design, but Honda is in charge. We can only hope that Honda will hear our prayers and use these design ideas on a production car.

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