2017 Ram Power Wagon Review, Release date

2017 Ram Power Wagon

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Ram is like LeBron James of pickup trucks. Like James it gives more production than most of the players playing the game. But his most important skill is that he can perform under difficult circumstances, he is clutch, just like Ram pickups. This brand has a long history and through all these years it has proved that it is a reliable, and among the best pickup trucks the world has ever seen. 2017 Ram Power Wagon looks to continue this more than thirty year long tradition, and it remains to be seen just how successful it will be.

2017 Ram Power Wagon 2x

Design: Exterior and Interior of 2017 Ram Power Wagon

Power Wagon’s appearance emits power, energy and strength, all of the attributes which are required in difficult terrain situations. The front of the truck has a large grille, which is accompanied by two LED headlamps. Headlights are adjusted to provide more light in low-light situations. The back end of the truck is reserved for cargo space. 2017 Ram Power Wagon can carry up to 10.000 pounds of cargo weight. 33-inch tires are perfectly suited for off road driving and give the vehicle ability to endure rough terrains without any difficulty.

2017 Ram Power Wagon Exterior
Ram hasn’t always been known for its cozy cabins, which provide comfort while conquering the outdoors, but its latest edition seems to be a step in that direction. The cabin is spacious and provides plenty of room for passengers, while neatly designed seats allow them to be comfortable during long rides. 2017 Power Wagon is equipped with latest technologies that give much needed assistance in various situations. It features trick battery saving system and dual alternators to name just a few. Uconnect Infotainment system is operated through 8.4inch touch screen and it allows you to listen to the radio or connect via Bluetooth and USB.

2017 Ram Power Wagon Dashboard

2017 Ram Power Wagon Engine and Transmission

It is a well known fact that each and every Ram pickup truck had a powerful engine. There is no reason to assume that things will be any different with 2017 Ram Power Wagon. While it is almost certain that the forthcoming Ram will be available on several trim levels, it is not yet clear which motors will be available. The most frequently mentioned engine for the highest trim level is 6.4 liter HEMI V8 with 410 horsepower and 419 pounds of torque. 6 speed automatic transmission should be a standard, and at this point there is very little information about the availability of models with 7 or 8 speed transmissions. There is no doubt that the upcoming Ram will be a powerful truck which will give its users a maximum driving experience.

2017 Ram Power Wagon Engine

Price and Release date of Power Wagon Ram

Although 2017 Ram Power Wagon was introduced to the public at Chicago Auto show, there are very few information regarding when will it become purchasable. According to some sources its distribution to dealerships will commence in the final months of 2016. Whether or not this information is accurate remains to be seen in the upcoming months.
The price of this truck hasn’t been announced yet, and it will become available once the manufacturer starts distributing it. Based on the cost of some its main competitors such as Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD or Ford F-250 Super Duty its selling price should be in the price range between 33.000$ and 60.000$.

More info on official Ram website.

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