2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Release date, Price

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Featured

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In the late 2015 Ford released the latest generation of their Super Duty series with the all new 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty which is, for the first time ever in a heavy duty truck, using an all aluminum body, just like its smaller sibling, the F-150. In order to keep the costs down and fit the price bracket set by the previous model, the newest generation of the Super Duty series is actually using the same cabin as the smaller F-150 and the only differences, at least on the outside, are before the A-pillars and after the C-pillars.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty White

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Exterior Design

While it is using an all aluminum body, the 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty is not that much lighter than the previous model and there’s a really good reason for that. Both its chassis and the axles are beefier to the truck should be a better long run companion than before while the upgraded components will allow it to tow, in certain configurations, as much as 35,000 pounds, more than pretty much any of its direct competitors. On top of the bulked up components, Ford is also offering a really unique bed design which despite the fact is made out of aluminum, so it won’t rust, it is stronger than its steel counterpart, so the truck is rated to carry a larger load than before.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Exterior

2017 Super Duty Interior

Even though the cabin is the same as that on the F-150, the actual design of the 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty could not be more different. The truck employs an all new design for its front end which is reminiscent of the older model but with a few unique touches such as the larger and more imposing headlights and a beefier steel bumper. Inside the cabin on the other hand things are pretty much identical to the F-150 and that’s good because there is more than enough space and the materials as well as the equipment level are much better than on the older model.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Dashboard

Engine and Transmission of 2017 Ford Super Duty

All of this are possible also due to its very capable engines which are among the most reliable out there. Unfortunately, Ford is still not going to offer their EcoBoost powertrain on the Super Duty trucks but that might change in the future. Until then, the base truck can be had with a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 which puts out up to 385 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque, enough to tow safely more than 10,000 pounds and not worry about breaking anything. Despite that though, the choice most people are going to get will be the 6.7 liter turbocharged V8 diesel which puts out as much as 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque at just 1,600 rpm being the perfect companion for hauling more than 30,000 pounds. The gearbox will remain the same 6 speed automatic as before but this will be upgraded to Ford’s new 10 speed unit in the near future.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Engine

Super Duty Ford 2017 Price

This means that the bed and the front end are unique to the larger trucks and that’s good because these are equipped with larger engines than usual as well as they are rated to tow and carry a lot more than the regular F-150. The price is still just as affordable as it ever was so the base F-250 will start at just over $30,000 while a fully equipped version will go past $70,000 with ease depending on the options the buyer will choose.

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