2016 Honda CR Z Review, Price, Hybrid

2016 Honda CR Z 1

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2010 was the year many car makers decided to introduce hybrid or electric variants of their vehicles to the public, due to the fact of ever-increasing need for environment friendly fuel. Honda thought the same and introduced the CR-Z model in 2009, which was marketed and sold as a 2010 year model. The Honda CR-Z is a sporty compact hatchback that uses a combination of petrol and electric motor in order to be as green as possible.
So far, only one generation of the model have been made, but the car sold remarkably good, as more than 19,000 vehicles have been delivered, which is more than three times higher than expected. The success of the CR-Z can be compared to the NSX model of the ‘90s, without any exaggeration. The new 2016 Honda CR Z will probably hit sales sometime in 2015 and be sold as a 2016 year model. It will feature many improvements, such as the new platform currently used by the Type R, which promises some serious sport capabilities.

2016 Honda CR Z Side View

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Honda CR Z

2016 Honda CR Z 2
As before, the new Honda CR Z will keep its aerodynamic superiority over the majority of models of the same class, with some improved capabilities, such as the shorter wheelbase and slightly lower overall height of the car. Even though the new CR-Z is still under the wrappers, some of the redesigned elements are easily noticeable, such as the restyled headlights, now featuring sharper contours and pitched at the higher angle. Little bigger front grille is also present, as well as large air intake openings on the front bumper. At the back, new spoiler and freshly designed taillights make the most of the improvements.

2016 Honda CR Z Dashboard

2016 Honda CR Z Engine

It has always been interesting to see how the manufacturers are trying to combine the fuel saving capabilities of the electric motor with the raw power of petrol engines, without sacrificing performance and gaining benefits from both worlds. The new 2016 Honda CR Z will feature a direct injected 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder petrol engine, with a combination of the electric motor, which will combined generate a total output of around 220 horsepower and a maximum output 240 lb ft of torque.

Comparing with the older model, the new CR Z will feature a boost of an amazing 80 horses, which is an improvement for admiration, for sure. The joined forces of tho engines are sufficient enough to propel the car from 0 to 62 in just 6.5 seconds, with a maximum top speed of 140 miles per hour. The new CR Z will feature a front wheel drive as a solely option and the engines will be paired with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission system. The mileage of the current model is around 39 miles per gallon of fuel, and it’s been said that the new model will surpass that too.

2016 Honda CR Z Engine

Pricing of CR Z Honda 2016

The model is scheduled for sales sometime in the beginning of the 2016, but the official prices are not yet disclosed. Some estimations state that the car’s starting price point may range from $20K to $25K for the base model, which is pretty close to what the competition has to offer.

More details on official Honda website.

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