2016 Honda Civic Review

2016 Honda Civic 3

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Honda introduced the first Civic model in 1972 and it was classified as a subcompact city car. As such, it was manufactured and sold for almost 30 years, until the year 2000. Initially, it was a two door model, quickly foaled up by a three door hatchback variant. After that, it had gone many design and technical changes, including an increase in overall size, which shifted the car into the compact car group, making it sit between the Honda Fit and Honda Accord. It has been one of the best selling Honda’s models, due to its compactness and sport capabilities, despite its small dimensions. As of 2006, more than 16 million Civics had been sold throughout the world. The compact car version of the Civic has been produced from 2001 and, currently, we are looking at the newest generation of the model – the 2016 Honda Civic, firstly unveiled at the 2015 New York Auto Show, which features a complete redesign and many improvements.

2016 Honda Civic 2

Exterior of 2016 Honda Civic

Although Honda’s engineers have put the wrappers around their new Civic, Honda revealed the new look of the model at the 2015 New York Auto Show. They have also revealed that the new Civic will feature coupe, sedan, hatchback and lift-back body styles. Not much can be seen behind the wrappers, but the model would feature pretty aggressive overall design. Sharp and edgy headlights are easily spotted, as well as the redesigned grille and air intake openings at the bottom of the front bumper. New, sleek LED daytime lamps outline beneath the wrappers.

2016 Honda Civic 5

2016 Honda Civic Interior

Interior is cleverly hidden from the public eyes, as well. Few elements are spotted, such as the single tier instrument cluster that will replace the two tier version found on the previous model. Large infotainment LCD display is located below the central HVAC openings, with the additional mechanical buttons and switches surrounding the display. The steering wheel is more or less the same, featuring few buttons for easy access.

2016 Honda Civic Dashboard

Civic Honda 2016 Engine

The power-plant hidden beneath the new Honda Civic’s hood is confirmed to be the newly developed 1.5 liter VTEC turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine. The engine is capable of outputting a good 167 horsepower, achieved at 5500 rpm, with a total torque output of 191 Nm, rated at 1600 rpm. Other engine option will include a slightly more powerful 2.0 liter engine with 4 cylinders positioned inline, delivering 165 horses and 145 lb ft of maximum torque.

The engine of new 2016 Honda Civic can make from 0 to 60 i 7.9 seconds. There will be a one diesel variant, as well, that includes a 1.6 liter iDTEC engine unit, reserved for the European market. The power will be transmitted to the front wheel axle via a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system, splinted in 7 step ratios, as well as the 6 speed manual transmission system. All engines promise to be more powerful and more fuel efficient than before, maintaining the same price ballpark.

2016 Honda Civic Engine 1

Pricing of new Civic

The all new 2016 Honda Civic base trim model will start at around $18,500, which is around the same as the previous model of the same trim. Given the improved engines, design and overall driving performance, the new ivic is worth the wait and the buyers may be able to buy the first contingent pretty soon.

More specs and info on official Honda website.

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