2016 Honda Accord Release date and Price

2016 Honda Accord Front Left Side

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Honda started the production of the famous Accord back in 1976 in order to replace the Honda 1300 and since then it was one of the best selling four door sedans in the US, since 1989 and with a good reason. In the beginning, the Honda Accord was meant to be a small compact car and it pushed that idea until 1989, after which it had become the mid sized family car. Today, it is a full sized car and has been since 2008. So far nine generations of the Accord have been produced, with the ninth generation being the current model, produced from 2013 to this day. Now, Honda officials have decided that it is time for an overhaul and the new 2016 Honda Accord will soon hit the car saloons.
2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord Exterior

The new 2016 Honda Accord looks more beautiful than ever before. Compared to the ongoing model, many new design features distinguish the new Accord from its predecessor. The front of the car features a more aggressive look, mainly because of the sharp, but elegant headlights, featuring beautiful LED pattern following the bottom contour of the lights. The car features pretty small front grille, but a larger air intake openings at the bottom of the front bumper. Fog lights are now forming single LED stripe and are very subtly placed at each side of the bumper.
2016 Honda Accord Rear Right Side

Interior of 2016 Honda Accord

On the inside, the car is equally elegant. Only basic mechanical buttons are present, mostly concentrated on the steering wheel, for easy access. LCD infotainment display is located at the center of the central console, surrounded by HVAC ventilation openings. The cabin is spacious and comfortable even for the tallest people.
2016 Honda Accord Dashboard

Honda Accord 2016 Engine

The all new 2016 Honda Accord will feature a pair of engine options to choose from. The first, less powerful option will include a direct injected 2.4 liter iVTEC inline 4 cylinder unit, capable of delivering 185 horsepower and a maximum torque output of 181 lb ft. With the more improved exhaust system mounted on the Accord Sport tier sedan, the same engine will deliver couple of horses more, 189 horses to be precise and a total torque output of 182 lb ft. The engine will be paired with two transmission systems that can be chosen from – a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system or a 6 speed manual gearbox. The fuel economy is slightly improved over the previous generation, as the car is able to travel 37 miles per gallon, unlike the previous 36 mpg. The second, more powerful engine will be a 3.5 liter turbocharged V6, outputting 278 horses at 6200 rpm, and 252 lb ft of maximum torque, at 4900 rpm. This engine will feature a 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic transmission system. What is interesting is the fact that the new V6 engine will feature a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system for automatic shutdown of three cylinders when the driving conditions allow, in order to save fuel.
2016 Honda Accord Engine

2016 Honda Accord Pricing

The official price of 2016 Honda Accord are still well hidden from the public, but some estimations are safe to make. Speculators state that the price will range between $20K and $30K. The ballpark is quite wide, but it sure won’t be cheap, especially given the wide range of improvements and sophisticated design. Nonetheless, this is extremely capable machine and one would surely not regret buying it.

More details on official site: http://automobiles.honda.com/accord-sedan/

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