2016 Ford Ranger Release date, Pictures

2016 Ford Ranger

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An utterly famous and really praised by the majority of people, throughout the Globe-the Ford Company has, over the years, specialized in making simply marvelous and quite imaginatively designed off-road pickups and heavy-duty trucks, so no wonder that the officially confirmed news that they are ready and more than a willing to launch their upgraded 2016 Ford Ranger, caused such an earthquake on the global truck market.
The vast majority of people, love to own and drive these stunning off-road pickups and heavy-duty trucks, which have been made from the Ford, mainly because all their vehicles present, some kind of a synonym, when it comes to quality, reliability and durability. And the 2016 Ford Ranger presents no exception. Let’s have a bit better insight on this masterfully crafted off-road pickup, shall we?

2016 Ford Ranger 2x Wildtrack

Interior, Exterior & Appearance of 2016 Ford Ranger

First and foremost, this lovable off-road pickup is intended for those, who like to feel so important, powerful and masculine. It leaves a pretty strong first impression, mainly by its quite aggressive and a bit rude (or tough) general appearance, which the whole American nation has been, literary, sick on. We consider it the most striking feature, among the rest, and due that fact, we are keen to believe that the 2016 Ford Ranger will remain to be one of the most desiring pickups, worldwide.

2016 Ford Ranger Exterior
We it comes to the interior design, the main cabin will remain quite roomy, with available sitting places to accommodate up to 7 passengers. The main cabin will be totally isolated and upholstered with leather, exclusively. Among the high-technology features the most striking ones, the most likely, will be a 4.2-inch multi-function full colored touch screen coupled with the double zone programmed climate settings.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior
As far as exterior section concerns, there will made some pretty notable changes, too. The most relevant one is that the newly made Ford Ranger presents, in fact, off highway truck. And the designers from Ford striven to change that, so they have created it to be appeared as powerful truck. By saying so, we aren’t pointing only to its quite aggressive design, but also, we are thinking of its adjustments being made (in general cutting down the weight), in order to generate effective efficiency to all roads. Crafted that way, the 2016 Ford Ranger will be able to clear nearly every obstacle, which it will find it on its way, primarily thanks to a heavy-duty suspension, high-profile off-road tires and several inches of additional ground clearance.

2016 Ford Ranger 2x

2016 Ford Ranger Engine

According the latest news that is coming from Ford’s direction, under Ranger’s hood we will able to find either; a top-spec 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbo diesel engine, which will be able to pump up to nearly 200 horsepower, and deliver more than generous 246 foot-pounds of torque in its initial state. Or a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine that will be capable to generate about 240 horsepower and 270 lb-lf of torque. The third available power-plant option in 2016 Ford Ranger is planned to be a 2.3 EcoBoost that will be capable to produce a power output of approximate 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque. Four-wheel drive and a manual transmission will be considered as some kind of a standard, while an automatic gearbox might be available, per customer’s request only, and, of course, at an extra cost.

2016 Ford Ranger Engine

Release Date & Prices of Ranger Ford 2016

Newly made 2016 Ford Ranger’s premiere is scheduled in the very beginning of the following year. Although, the exact price is still being a top-kept secret, if the Ford desires to be (and stay) comparative, at today’s very fierce and ruthless truck competition (which we strongly believe they are striving to), they will offer their lovable pickup at the quite low base price- around $20,000 or so.

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