2016 Chrysler 300 Review

2016 Chrysler 2x

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Since its first introduction back in 2004, the Chrysler 300 have become on of the most well known and well sold models of the Chrysler gamut. It was first shown as a concept at the New York Auto Show back in 2003 and was designed by Ralph Gilles in 2001. In Europe, the Chrysler 300 was sold as the Lancia Thema and in the UK and Ireland, the model is known as the Chrysler 300C. Here we have review of the latest installment – 2016 Chrysler 300.

2016 Chrysler 300 Two in Line

Chrysler 300 2016 Exterior

The new 300 will feature minor changes compared to the previous model, but the subtle differences are all it takes to make the car look better than ever before. The headlights will feature the same design lines, with a new daylight partial LED pattern, located at the beginning. The front grille is a bit larger and more rectangular shaped. The front bumper features a fresh design as well, as the air intake openings now form a single unit, stretching across the entire bumper. The fog lights are located at each end of the front bumper, a subtle but effective concept. The back of the new 300 kept the same design concept as before. It will feature a pair of similarly designed, rectangular shaped tail lights. The rear bumper hasn’t suffered any key changes. The entire back of the car is chambered by a negative angle, just like on the old model.

2016 Chrysler Black

Interior of 2016 Chrysler 300

As far as the interior is concerned, not much is changed compared to the previous model. The new navigation and infotainment system featuring an 8 inch LCD display is something that stands out compared to the previous model which featured a 5 inch screen. It will implement an audio system with 10 built-in speakers for superb audio experience. It will also feature a slightly redesigned dashboard and an elegant steering wheel with easy access control buttons on each side of the wheel. Regarding the safety features, the new 2016 Chrysler 300 will feature a 4 wheel ABS, airbags and traction control system.

2016 Chrysler Dashboard

2016 Chrysler 300 Engine

The new 2016 Chrysler 300 will feature several engine options. The first will include a 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine unit capable of delivering around 300 hp and a maximum output of 270 lb ft of torque, which is an impressive result given the fact that this is just the base engine. The second option will feature a powerful 5.7 liter V8 Hemi, outputting an astounding 390 hp and 410 lb ft of torque. There are rumors circling around stating that there will be a third engine option included, as well and it will be a 3.0 liter diesel, delivering around 300 hp and 500 lb ft of torque, but nothing is official yet. Both engine options will be paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission system. The rear wheel driving option is standard, but there will be an AWD option included as well.

2016 Chrysler Engine 2

Pricing of 2016 300 Chrysler

Although there is still some time until the new 2016 Chrysler 300 hits the car salons, but it is quite safe to estimate that the price for the base model will be around $33,000.

More info on official Chrysler website.

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